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Induction Policy

Covid 19


Mike Watson CMIOSH

18 May 2019


This induction with regards to a return to office working was made after much consultation with staff and managers. It followed a period of consultation with regards to home working and included a safe method when a decision was made to return staff to office working.

The office in question is mostly open plan set out on two floors with just one entrance to the building.

Advice to staff returning to the office at any time until a vaccine is in place or the virus rating is set to zero throughout the UK.

The policy of induction and the safe system implemented at the SVT office in Grimsby will be reviewed as necessary over the coming months. You will also be interested to read and observe the control measurers within the risk assessment undertaken to ensure, as far as possible, the threats of Covid 19. This risk assessment was undertaken some months ago and has recently been updated by us as we have gained further information and guidance from the HSE.

Prior to a return to the office the Branch Manager will call you again and explain this induction process. This process will be repeated again by the Duty Manager as you attend the office. This induction will be delivered on an individual basis, and again the safe system will be discussed to ensure the rules are observed.

Matter to be covered at both inductions

  1. Safe System – The safe system will be explained again, and the matters raised below will also be explained and discussed. The companies Lone Working policy will be enforced at all time.
  2. Travel – When travelling to and from the office and using public transport a mask should be worn and safely disposed of prior to entry to the office. This means that you will need at least 10 masks per week. Please ensure that you have at least one month’s supply of masks.
  3. Car use – If you using your own car keep the interior sanitised and do not car share with other members of staff
  4. Distancing – The 2 metre distancing rule must be observed at all times
  5. Entry – Entry and exit including hand washing, storage of coats, footwear, and the fire register.
  6. Hand Washing – Hand washing and general sanitation– we must assume that the virus is on everything, your pen, your note pad, keyboard, mouse, screen, telephone, door handles etc
  7. Sanitising – Office and workstation cleaning routines will be explained
  8. Food & Drink – Food and drink safety and the need to clean and store eating and drinking utensils safely. Do not shop during working hours
  9. PPE – Masks may be used at the office but must be changed regularly and disposed of safely.
  10. Doors – We have two fire doors these must be closed on entry and exit. The viewing panels on these doors and the front main entrance door must be kept clear at all times. This is to allow each of us to see if anyone is on the other side of the door or in the area of the lobby. Other interior doors must be left open so that we are not using the door handles.
  11. Entry – You will be given a set of keys to the main door; this is put in place so that you do not have to use the intercom
  12. Intercom – The intercom answer phones will only be answered by the designated manager at the office. They will also deal with enquiries made at the main entrance including post. Visitors will not be allowed into the office.
  13. Emergencies – First aid and emergency procedures will be explained
  14. Smoking – The smoking and vaping rules must be observed
  15. At the end of each day – Clean you work station. Take you laptop and phones home, stay safe.
  16. Reporting – You will be asked to report anything you see that is unsafe or where improvements can be made. Tell us if you feel unwell.

Mike Watson CMIOSH SVT Ltd