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This is probably one of my favourite posts…. FREE stuff ! Who doesn’t like freebies. When it comes to learning there is a world of information out there. You have to pick your sources carefully however and make sure you are reading valid and reliable information but this is fairly easy to check out and once you find those key sources that suit your needs you can read and learn away.

The reason I love free learning online is because its available to everyone. I’m not fond of sites that draw you in with a few free articles and then just as you are hooked and wanting more they tell you you’ve had your free stuff and now need to enrol, subscribe and pay monthly… Ouch! I know business is business. I started my own training company some 20 years ago, I know you can’t give everything away but we deliver on fully recognised qualifications which of course are chargeable BUT the learning resources we provide for them are available for all ! Just like many who freely offer their knowledge online.

Now I’m from an era that used to get the bus to the local Library and mooch the aisles of bookcases for whatever took my fancy or whatever I was studying and was on my reading list. I miss that. There was just something special about opening an actual book, holding it my hands, getting comfortable and relaxing with all the weird and fusty book smells that went with it. I paid a library fee but after that I had x amount of books I could lend and return. What a lovely system. It was of course and still is flawed in that it takes quite a while to update a book and bring about a new edition. Online data can be updated in a day and republished with ease.

Of course theres nothing wrong with the way we research and read now and in many many ways its more efficient and of course faster although book wise you are likely going to have to buy it before you try it.

I’m rambling a little here but as a teacher, tutor, assessor, I always send a hand held actual book out to everyone so they have that experience I love so much of flicking through paper pages.

Progressing onto some free stuff starting with local community centres and libraries that will offer either free or very small charge facilities and its also a lovely way of getting out – you will find further opportunities like local or lottery funded courses are advertised in these centres so well worth a visit.

Chambers of Commerce

again local, you can find out about initiatives, courses, seminars and also networking opportunities which in itself is a learning experience.

Open Learn

One of my favourite online free learning resources is Open Learn. Its part of the Open University and is a resource offered to ALL. Its ethos is to allow those who cant access education or cant afford it to be able to undertake courses and obtain badges of completion. They also invite those who can teach to develop and create courses for others, provided of course they have the same desire to offer free learning.

You can find Open Learn here

And if you are interested in creating a course they also offer a platform for this.

Professional Bodies

These are endless ! If you want to learn about Health & Safety, the HSE and IOSH will load you with free information and reading material. Awarding bodies such as Institute of Leadership and Management, City and Guilds, Chartered Management Institute and so many more offer resources although be aware many will want you join as a member and if youre not a student there could be a fee. You will find that for many particular industries there are professional bodies that offer learning opportunities. This will depend on your sector of course so seek them out!


Yes this does offer some free courses. In fact, tutors who register to publish their courses on here are strongly advised by Udemy to offer their first course for free. Udemy also do a thorough audit on the course material before it goes live to make sure it meets their standard. Go to

And have a browse through what you fancy learning for free. Or go to the main home page and in the search facility type ‘free’ …. Simple.

If you make the effort you will find theres a lot out there waiting for you, including us at the Managers study room in terms of Leadership and Management. So – get out there and make the most of the free stuff, why wouldn’t you?

Learners undertaking a Level 3 of 4 Diploma in Management will find this post assists with the following criteria:

300 ML9 2.6 Take advantage of development opportunities made available by professional networks or professional bodies