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We understand that each of you are aware of and complying with the Governments social distancing rules. These distancing rules will be applied to the company premises when we reopen. Our first concern is for your health and safety.

Covid 19 continues to be a threat and will continue to be a threat for at least the next 12 months, April 2021. It is however anticipated that an easing of the Governments partial lockdown within the UK will be lifted during the next three months or so, June or July 2020.

Until such times as the threat is reduced to a low level by the Government or a vaccine is available to all, the safe method of work detailed below will be implemented at company premises. Please be aware that this arrangement is put in place for everyone’s safety and welfare and complies with the required legal requirements in the same way as for instance, fire arrangements are, as such any noncompliance would be subject to corrective actions.

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Assessment: return to working at work premises

Prior to asking team members to return to the office to work, an assessment will be made as to the need. The need will be based on two factors:

  1. Commercial reasons. This factor is concerned with the proper operation of the business.
  2. Team members – We have been monitoring your home working on a weekly basis via video links and consultation. A return to the company’s offices may be required because of unsuitable home ergonomics, workstation design, working conditions and working environment, such as noise, working space, care issues, privacy and communication. As such a more suitable place of work would be the office.

Should the criteria & assessment show that the office should be staffed then an assessment will be made as to which staff are needed at the office.  If the office is to open, we may take a view that staggered start and finishing times be implemented, half day working and rotating staff through the working week may also be necessary. This is aimed at reducing the number of staff working at the offices at any one time.

Prior to a return to the office each team member will be questioned as to their health and the health of those who they are living with. The information gathered is of course confidential.

Please keep us informed of any health issues or concerns you may have. If for any reason you feel you should not be working at the office, then discuss this with your line manager. Your health, including your mental health is the main priority.

You must take your laptop, phone etc home with you at the end of your working day.

Your line manager will explain the safe method with each team member prior to a return to the office. The Lone Working Policy remains in place.

Our sources of advice & information remain as UK Government, supported by specialist NHS advisors and the Health & Safety Executive.

This policy and safe system of work will be reviewed on a monthly basis

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Safe Method – Safe Environment

There is in place a cleaning and sanitising routine at the premises and cleaning materials will always be available. You must clean your work area, including IT and telephone equipment at least once each day.

Please be aware of your environment and those around you. Stay 2 metres apart at all times. You will have a dedicated work area. Visits will not be allowed into the premises without prior permission.

If you are travelling to the office by car, please ensure that you sanitise the steering wheel etc including door handles each day. Dispose of any wipes immediately and safely. Do not car share.

Please ensure that any bags you bring into the office are clean. Pay particular attention to handles and the base of the bag(s)

The lobby area of the building will be classed as a “medium” contaminated area. Your coats and jackets must be left in this area. Individual coat hooks are provided, please ensure you use the same hook each day. Alternatively leave your coats in your car. On entry to the building a spray will be available for you to sanitise the soles of your footwear. Please refrain from wearing deep tread footwear at the office.

Prior to entering the offices areas, wash your hands using the soap available in the toilet areas and dry them using the hand dryers. Paper towels may not always be available. Team members may bring their own sanitiser, wipes and paper wipes into the building. Wash your hands regularly throughout the day and use hand cream as necessary. Ensure that you dispose of used paper towels immediately and safely into the bins which will be available next to each wash area.

Where a door can be safely left open it should be. This is to reduce contact with the door handle. However, fire doors must be closed after entry and exit.

You will not be asked to sign in. A record of your attendance will be made by the manager present at the office each day. You must let them know when you arrive and as you leave. This aimed at reducing cross contamination. This procedure will comply with the fire regulations.

Smoking and vaping are only allowed in the designated areas. Always remain a minimum of 2 metres apart from others.

We ask that staff refrain from food or other shopping during the working day. We ask that you bring your lunch or other food items with you. Please ensure that your food containers are marked with your name. There are two fridges within the building.  If further fridges are required these will be supplied.  

Do not ask or offer to make a drink for a team member. Free refreshments, tea, coffee and milk etc will be available each day. It is for each team member to clean their cup, cutlery and plates etc and to store these safely in your designated workspace.  There should never be pots left in the sink or on the draining board. Cleanliness is vital in all circumstances.

If you spot anything that is of concern to you, you must in the first instance speak to your line manager.